Monday, March 15, 2010

Danielle's Story

Age 11
Brain Tumor

West Virginia University Children’s Hospital

Danielle was a typical 10-year-old when she got the news that would change her life forever.

In June 2009, doctors at West Virginia University Children’s Hospital told Danielle and her parents that she had been living with a brain tumor since birth.

For several years leading up to the diagnosis, Danielle was constantly thirsty. Doctors checked her for diabetes and mononucleosis. The results of multiple tests came back normal. However, Danielle’s mom knew something just wasn’t right. She insisted that further tests be done.

Her family doctor noticed Danielle’s sodium and potassium levels were a little low and immediately referred her to specialists at West Virginia University Children’s Hospital. While at the hospital, Danielle underwent an MRI, which resulted in the discovery of a germinoma brain tumor she had been living with her whole life. In order to shrink the tumor, she began chemotherapy and radiation treatments immediately.

Two, three-day rounds of chemotherapy and 20 radiation treatments later, Danielle, 11, is miraculously tumor-free for the first time in her life. She’s now back to doing what she loves—spending time with her family and friends and playing with her cats and dogs.

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